The Land of Forgotten Songs

The Land of Forgotten Songs is a cinematographic project in progress, directed and created by Vladimir Nikolouzos, and is the first, from a series of films which the Deep Forest Foundation organization produces, in order to capture and portray the various shamanic practices and the cultural diversities of the indigenous people, throughout the amazon basin. So far our team has visited and filmed ceremonies and cultural expressions of people residing in the amazon forest, such as the Kaxinawa Huni Kuin people, the Awa people, the Kayapo, the Matis, the Enawene Nawe people and the Shipibo people in the peruvian amazon area. 

The project aims in portraying cinematographically, the human and natural landscapes of the Forest Habitat, by focusing in the traditions of the people, their ceremonial and healing practices, as well as the songs, dances and different artistic and even medicinal expressions, of their wisdom and spiritual knowledge. 

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